Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Japanese Dragon Body Suit Tattoo Designs

Best Japanese Dragon Body Suit Tattoo Designs
In the 1700 DC, the noble were allowed to wear fine clothing and adorn themselves, whereas the laborers were restricted from wearing those fine clothes and adorning themselves. So, the middle class choose tattoos as an alternate method of adorning themselves. This is when the idea of "body suits" came into existence. This concept of body suit was mainly derived form the samurai warriors campaign coats.

These coats displayed the heroic designs such as pride and great bravery, at the back. Even a dragon or a guardian was displayed on the coats.These Full Body tattoo were mainly designed in Japan, which covers nearly the full body. This Japanese Body tattoo Suit initially began from the back but now its extended to cover the shoulders, arms, thighs and gradually covers the entire body. With the growth of the popularity of the fictional heroes, body suit tattoos have also grown with it.One kind of Japanese body tattoo was one as like Japanese Tattoo Art, Japanese Tattoo Styles, Japanese Girl Tattoo, Dragon Tattoo, Geisha Tattoo, Kanji Tattoo, Koi Tattoo. that covers the entire upper body leaving only a vertical strip exposed from chest the abdomen.

This gives the illusion of a body suit or unbuttoned vest. By achieving the body suit, one gets a feeling of self satisfaction and gives them the opportunity to move on with their personal achievement.The Japanese Body Suit tattooing, explains not only the art involved but also the political and the social forces that is involved in the Japanese culture. This art is the top pick of the college level arts that best holds the culture and history of Japanese art. There are many Tattoo events and tattoo shops in big cities which make body tattooing a popular among the people of Japan.These Tattoo design can be completed in one sitting, similar to the traditional tattoo designs of America or tribal tattoo designs.

Tattoo specialists, still do traditional irezumi, which means the insertion of ink that leaves a permanent tattoo or mark on the skin. Japanese body suit is very expensive and time consuming. Japanese government wanted to project the image of modern Japan to the west thus outlawed tattoos which impressed the foreigners to seek the skilled tattoo artists.
Best Japanese Dragon Body Suit Tattoo Designs


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