Monday, December 21, 2009

Gangsta Tattoo-In Search of Nihilistic Charm

gangsta tattoo designs
prison tattoo designsAs is clear with the name, Gangsta tattoo is related with marks to show off specific gangs. Gangsta tattoos are associated to persons staying in prisons or to persons who, just for the sake of fun to outnumber themselves of the common societal norms, wear these tattoos on their bodies in dark colors – in chest, belly, neck, face, arms, wrists, shoulders, and even on shaved heads.

Firearms, Gothic scripts, bullets, numbers, secret letters, dots, tear drops, and skulls are some of the popular Gangsta motifs. The present Gangsta tattoo, on arm, is a colorful manifestation of a gang leader in a cartoonish manner. It is attractive and looks great.

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