Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Best Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs
This bird, which is represented in many different cultures, can also be found in abundance of the backs of tattoo aficionados. Why on the back, I am not too sure, but it seems like the proper place for such an exuberant, mythical creature!The phoenix of Egyptian mythology speaks of an ancient bird that cry was so soulful and beautiful that it could captivate humans in a purely magical way. The creature is said to have lived in the desert for 500 years before it would consume itself in a blaze of fire.

Then, from its own ashes, it would be reborn to live another 500 years! As it flew through the skies above, it could leave a trail of fire, thus alerting all to its presence.The phoenix of Chinese origin was composed much like other Chinese creatures – out of parts of other (more widely known and recognized) animals. It was said to have the head of a pheasant, a comb on top of its head (the red, floppy part of a rooster), the beak of a bird (specifically a swallow), the neck of a tortoise, and flame-like appendages (those appendages were similar to that of a common bird). It was an imaginary animal considered a bird of good luck and longevity. (Really, is there anything Chinese that is not considered THAT?!) The phoenix of China was meant to have several different colors of feathers. They were red, yellow, black, blue, and white.

All colors contained the hidden virtues. Red stands for a long life and good luck; yellow is for protection against evil; black is for self-cultivation; blue is for knowledge; white is for peace and purity.Many people tend to do what I feel I have done, as far as the Chinese culture is concerned. Lost in our own mutt-like heritages, we grasp for the beauty and intense values that revolve around both the language and the life that is its ancient culture. In the unending search to belong to something greater (that is, if religion is not much of an option that you are interested in), the Chinese proverbs and drops of wisdom that encompass many of the mythical creatures (phoenix, dragons, etc.)

Best Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Designs


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