Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zombie Jesus Tattoo-Ecumenical Desire

Zombie tattoo images
Zombie tattoos picturesZombie tattoo, a symbol of peoples’ fascination with life, death, and everything in between, is mixed with Jesus and a new form, Zombie Jesus tattoo is born to represent Jesus following the Resurrection.

Zombie Jesus tattoo stands on this belief that Jesus was raised from the dead and once more walked among the living, and it might be possible that he were a Zombie.

It is purely a make-believe thought because of which Zombie Jesus tattoo – half Zombie and Half Jesus face – is worn on different body parts, including arm, legs, shoulders, chests, and upper back. The present Zombie Jesus tattoo is a fantastic artwork wherein the agony of Jesus with thorn is visible with subtle half-Zombie subsistence.

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